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I highly recommend the club! Especially since AI is evolving so quickly and there's so much to learn. Being part of a club where you have people like Andy and Denise, who are on top of the trends and who you can trust, is the only sensible way to go. There's a wealth of info that I dip into whenever I can. 

Sharyn Sheldon 
AI Success Club Member

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I've just touched the surface of what you've shared so far and I can say without a doubt that joining the club is one of the best decisions I've made related to learning and using AI and at such an incredibly modest price. 

Marie Kane
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THE REVIEWS ARE IN!  HERE'S What They're saying about the ai success club:

Marketing and copywriting are both skills I recognized as areas I needed to improve in. I saw that as Denise and Andy grew in their understanding and skills using generative AI, I too would benefit. I decided to opt-in as a Founding Member of the Club and I am very glad I did. I have benefited greatly from my membership and I have no doubt you will benefit from joining the Club as well.

Bill McPeck
AI Success Club Member

The training sessions are well-structured and easy to follow. Andy and Denise are knowledgeable and always willing to help. They also bring in expert guests who share their expertise with club members as well. Since joining the club, I have been able to apply what I have learned to help my sister and my niece run and grow their businesses, and have been far more efficient and productive doing so.

Mike McBride
AI Success Club Member

I trust Denise and Andy to share how we can use AI to benefit and enhance our businesses while refraining from the hype and parts of AI I'm seeing too many people embrace...

Connie Ragen Green

AI writing is definitely a game-changer. After the first call in the AI Success Club, it’s clear to me that Andy O’Bryan’s coaching to craft the best prompt requests saves SO much time on this learning curve.

Jan Carroza
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