We bring together entrepreneurs to learn how to combine the extraordinary power of intermittent fasting with research-based practices both ancient and modern so that as we support, encourage and inspire one another, we can each expand our focus, confidence and productivity as well as exponentially increase our well being, and through us, the well being of our families, friends, colleagues, and communities. 

The Fast Factor Circle is, first of all, a community. One where you will immediately feel right at home. We’re going to learn together, play together, support one another, and make a real difference in our lives and the lives of others by being part of this group.

Each month, we spotlight a new element or ‘habit’ in the form of an in-depth live online presentation. The monthly presentation is supplemented with weekly live question and answer sessions, a recipe for a nutritionally dense and delicious food, with complete instructions on how to make it, and more. By the end of each month, you’ll have enough direct experience and information to decide if that month’s focus is something you want to permanently add to your IF stack. 

Monthly themes include: intermitting fasting basics, eating plant-based meals, superfoods, fermented foods, cognitive health, meditation, and movement to name a few.

The Fast Factor Circle is a membership community. As a Member your monthly payment will be locked in at this current rate as long as your membership remains active.

Ellen Britt Before and After 7 Months of Intermittent Fasting

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